An experimental attempt to present and open to discussion main eras, phenomena and achievements of the history of Austrian culture and literature since the 18th century up to the present in a multimedia manner.

A pool of lectures, reference articles and application fields which should encourage independent learning, accessible via key-words and a media-library.

A history of literature and culture in the internet to support subject-overlapping instruction at high schools, to be used in cultural studies at the university level and to be incorporated in Austrian-studies courses and in adult education.

A platform to promote the advancement of knowledge about Austria‘s history and culture on the international market for learning.

Currently, portrayals of two eras are available, which represent the work of staff members of the universities of Salzburg, Klagenfurt and Graz; the Technical University of Vienna and many additional freelance researchers, to some extent also in cooperation with the Theodor Kramer Society (Vienna).

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Klaus Zelewitz & Team (Salzburg)
Karl Müller/Primus-Heinz Kucher & Team (Salzburg/Klagenfurt)

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